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The behavior is seen in a number of snakes and couple of lizard species, but is also seen with some fish species.

However, it is mostly used by snakes (predominately vipers), but the Persian viper seems to be the most bizarre with its spider-tail.

If the temperature is right the moisture will condense to produce a lens or saucer shaped cloud.

These clouds can be dangerous for pilots of large planes who avoid flying over these planes due to the turbulence above them.

The way it works is by erasing person’s memory completely and they can’t remember anything that happened after they consumed it.

On the streets of Colombia, if you were to ask for the drug Scopolamine by the name of Devil’s Breath you will be able to procure it easily.

When person is under its influence they became mental slaves that listen all orders.

This behavior has only observed in captive koalas though, who surprisingly engage in only one heterosexual mating act for every 3 homosexual mating acts.

There are many theories as to why this occurs, from ‘turning the males on’ and to relieve stress.

Then it strikes from its rocky camouflage bringing death to the unsuspecting animal.

This is not the only animal which uses so called feeding mimicry to attract prey.

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