Intimidating german last names

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If you think that your passport has been stolen, report it to the local police and get a police declaration.Should you lose all of your money and other financial resources, consular officers can help you contact a bank, employer, or family member and arrange for them to send you funds.Note: In our opinion the order 1 to 100 is not assess as a ranking. if somebody who's main focus is on sites to experience the most traditional Germany will for sure have another ranking ;-).

While you probably will be able to find equivalent drugs in Germany, you will need a doctor's prescription.

The emergency number 112 can be accessed by every telephone, including mobile phones, free of charge. Lost and Stolen Property Thefts and burglaries must be reported immediately to the closest police station (

German Automobile Clubs If you are staying in Germany for a longer period of time, membership in the ADAC (Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil-Club) has some advantages. If an insurance claim can be made, a certificate must be obtained to show that the stolen property has been reported.

You can refer to the yellow pages (Gelbe Seiten - the local phone book ( in which doctors ("Ärzte" or "Arzt") are listed by their specialization.

For a general physician look under "Allgemeinmedizin", or, simply ask a colleague or friend; the best references are often by word of mouth.

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