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(Lit., Eat days)Faigelah - Bird (also used as a deragatory reference to a gay person). (Lit., Shut your mouth.) Farmatert - Tired Farmisht - Befuddled Farmutshet - Worn out, fatigued, exhausted Farshlepteh krenk - Fruitless, endless matter (Lit., A sickness that hangs on) Farshmeieter - Highly excitable person; always on the go Farshnoshket - Loaded, drunk Farshtaist? Farshtopt - Stuffed Farshtunken - Smeels bad, stinks Farshvitst - sweaty Far-tshadikt - Confused, bewildered, befuddled, as if by fumes, gas Feinkochen- Omelet, scrambled eggs Feinshmeker - Hi falutin' Ferd - Horse, (slang) a fool Fet - Fat, obese Finster un glitshik - Miserable (Lit., Dark and slippery) Fisfinger - Toes Focha - Fan Foigel - Smart guy Foiler - Lazy man Folg mich! (Lit., It will help like blood-cupping on a dead body.) Ess gezunterhait - Eat in good health Essen mitik - Dine Essen teg - Yeshiva students would arrange to be fed by various householders on a daily basis in different houses. - I should know as little about trouble (as I know about what you are asking me). (Lit., My money went to burial in the earth, to hell.) In miten drinen - In the middle of; suddenly Ipish - Bad odor, stink Ir gefelt mir zaier. Kamtsoness - To be miserly Kaneh - An enema Kaporeh, (kapores) - Atonement sacrifice; forgiveness; (slang) good for nothing Karabelnick - Country peddler Karger - Miser, tightwad Kasheh - Groats, mush cereal, buckwheat, porridge; a mess, mix-up, confusion Kasheh varnishkes - Cooked groats and broad (or bowtie) noodles Kashress - Kosher condition; Jewish religious dietary law Kasnik, (keisenik) - Angry person; excitable person, hot head Kasokeh - Cross-eyed Katshkedik (Americanism) - Ducky, swell, pleasant Katzisher kop - Forgetful (Lit., Cat head) Kazatskeh - Lively Russian dance Kemfer - Fighter (usually for a cause) Ken zein - Maybe, could be (To) Kibbitz - To offer unsolicited advice as a spectator Kibbitzer - Meddlesome spectator Kiddish (Borai pri hagofen) - Blessing over wine on the eve of Sabbath or Festivals Kimpet-tzettel - Childbirth amulet or charm (from the German "kind-bet-tzettel" meaning childbirth label containing Psalm 121, names of angels, patriarchs Kimpetoren - Woman in labour or immediately after the delivery Kind un kait - Young and old Kinderlech - Diminutive, affectionate term for children Kishef macher - Magic-worker Kishkeh - Stuffed derma (Sausage shaped, stuffed with a mixture of flour, onions, salt, pepper and fat to keep it together, it is boiled, roasted and sliced) (A) Kitsel - Tickle Klainer gornisht - Little prig (Lit., A little nothing) Klemt beim hartz - Clutches at my heartstrings Klaperkeh - Talkative woman Klipeh - Gabby woman, shrew, a female demon Klogmuter - Complainer, chronic complainer (A) Klog iz mir! Klop - Bang, a real hard punch or wallop Klotz (klutz) - Ungraceful, awkward, clumsy person; bungler Klotz kasheh - Foolish question; fruitless question Kloymersht - Not in reality, pretended (Lit., as if it were) K'nacker - A big shot K'naidel (pl., k'naidlech) - Dumplings usually made of matzoh meal, cooked in soup K'nippel - Button, knot; hymen, virginity; money tied in a knot in a handkerchief K'nish (taboo) - Vagina K'nishes - Baked dumplings filled with potato, meat, liver or barley Kochalain - Summer boarding house with cooking privileges (Lit., cook by yourself) Kochedik - Petulant, excitable Kochleffel - One who stirs up trouble; gadabout, busy-body (Lit., a cooking ladle) Kolboynik - Rascally know-it-all (A) Kop oif di plaitses! (To escape the perpetual torments inflicted upon it by evil spirits, the dybbul seeks refuge in the body of some pious man or woman over whom the demons have no power. Draikop - Scatterbrain Drek - Human dung, feces, manure or excrement; inferior merchandise or work; insincere talk or excessive flattery Druchus - The sticks (way out in the wild) Du fangst shoyn on? Dumkop - Dumbbell, dunce (Lit., Dumb head) Dybbuk - Soul condemned to wander for a time in this world because of it's sins. - He has nothing at all (Lit., He has a boil or a minor hurt.) Er hot nit zorg.

A metsieh fun a ganef - It's a steal (Lit., A bargain from a thief.) A nechtiker tog! (Lit., It sorrows me) Es tut mir vai - It hurts me. (Lit., It's getting dark in my eyes.) Es vet gornit helfen! Fantazyor - Man who builds castles in the air Farbissener - Embittered; bitter person Farblondzhet - Lost, bewildered, confused Farblujet - Bending your ear Fardeiget - Distressed, worried, full of care, anxiety Fardinen a mitzveh - Earn a blessing or a merit (by doing a good deed) Fardrai zich dem kop! Fardross - Disappointment, sorrow Farfolen - Lost Farfoylt - Mildewed, rotten, decayed Farfroyren - Frozen Farkuckt (taboo) - Dungy, shitty Farmach dos moyl! Chochem attick - A wise guy Chochmeh - Wisdom, bright saying, witticism Choleryeh - Cholera; a curse, plague Choshever mentsh - Man of worth and dignity; elite person; respected person Chosid - Rabid fan Chossen - Bridegroom Chossen-kalleh - Bride and groom; engaged couple Choyzik machen - Make fun of, ridicule Chropen - Snore Chupah - Canopy under which a bride and groom stand during marriage ceremony. Dingen - Bargain, hire, engage, lease, rent Dos gefelt mir - This pleases me Dos hartz hot mir gezogt - My heart told me.

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