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Josh Mc Dowell, a former skeptic, is an internationally known speaker and author defending the Christian faith. 50-70, with John’s gospel being written sometime around A. Mc Dowell: To discover the accuracy of copying for the New Testament material and see whether or not it has been “changed,” you have to look at two factors: One, the number of manuscripts existing today; and two, the time period between the original document and the earliest manuscripts still in existence today.

His books on Christianity have sold 10 million copies, including books on the historical evidence for the faith such as New Evidence That Demands a Verdict, More than a Carpenter, and The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers. The more manuscripts we have and the closer the manuscripts are to the original, the more we are able to determine where copyist errors happened and which copies reflect the original.

That is the equivalent of 278 forty-ton containers.

Nearly one million children have received school supplies, food items, hygiene items, and toys from the volunteers that traveled twice a year to share God’s love with them.

Counter the Culture Right From Wrong True Foundations Since 1960, Josh has written or co-authored 120 books including: More Than a Carpenter -- 15 million copies in 85 languages.

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Operation Carelift, which has grown into in one of the largest humanitarian aid organizations based in the United States, is now a part of Global Aid Network (GAi N USA).In 1991, Josh founded Operation Carelift to meet the physical and spiritual needs he discovered in orphanages, hospitals, schools, and prisons in the countries of the former Soviet Union.Since that time, Operation Carelift has delivered humanitarian aid (food, clothing, and medical supplies) worth more than ,000,000.In the United States, Josh and his team have created many cutting-edge live events to help young people stand strong and firm in their faith in the face of a rapidly-changing culture.These have often developed into full-blown campaigns, such as: Six Hours with Josh Why Wait?

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