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As a racially ambiguous woman, I have the privilege of changing the way society receives me at my discretion.

Sometimes I am black, other times I am Indian or Latina, or I may be French, or just a white girl who tans a bit too much.

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The black man occupies a unique space in American culture.

As we approached the secured entrance, a white couple was also entering, walking only steps behind us. Ds, the white security guard informed us that we could not enter, as my date was violating the dress code; mere seconds later the white couple reached the door and was promptly let in – with the guy outfitted in the same ensemble.

We stood there gazing at one another, he obviously embarrassed, pondering the same silent question; should I say something or just take this as a loss and walk back to the car?

And the company that most defines us is, in fact, our choice in a mate.

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Sometimes I am intimidating or a race-baiting Angry Black Woman, but I can just as easily morph into innocent and approachable.

Over time I’ve found that the easiest way to change my ethnicity – change the way people treat me – is to change my company.

He is an aggressive and inherently violent threat to society.

Both insatiable and lazy, he is creator of chaos and maker of his own inevitable demise; he is forever guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. As angry and volatile as their female counterparts, black men, by their very presence, give society reason to assume the defensive.

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    Since kindergarten, she has risen before dawn each day to be bused to Weston, an affluent, predominantly white suburb.

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    But I never imagined that such hate speech would be present in my own home, at a table purchased and decorated by black women and filled to the brim with food lovingly cooked and served by black women. I was awake in my bed, surrounded by black manhood. Sadly, the words of controversial Egyptian-Sudanese-American novelist Kola Boof, during her Twitter fight with Nigerian-American rapper Wale, echoed in my mind.

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