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To maximize the raw window, click on the "square" to the left of these buttons.

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As well as the usual data in a dx spot, the following data can also be shown.Unfortunately when you specify frequencies, you will get spots from ALL spotters unless you also specify countries.If you select "Origin Cty", you will restrict the spots to the countries in your Origin Cty filter.You will see this display if using DX Spider or if ARC and you have "Sysop" privileges. Ctrl click on any VE call and you will go to ca for their info. Use the "up" and "down" arrows located in the top right corner to resize the talk window. The first column of numbers to the right of the bands are the number of spots that have not yet been viewed. Make sure you have "Configuration Get Missed Spots" checked for all the connections. Now unplug the Internet connection and go away for a while. If everything is working, you should get all the additional spots that went out while you were unplugged.Alt click on any call and it will be entered as the destination of a talk message. The second column of numbers is the total number of spots per band. Are you missing DX by connecting to a certain node? If you want the answers, you might want to do these tests. Make sure you do not have "Configuration" if the nodes can "see" each other. You probably want to turn them completely off for this test. Now overlap the windows as shown and watch the spots. Some nodes have only USA/VE or NA West Coast spots available, but the majority of them have world wide spots available. Disconnect any link, either by sending a "b" on the bottom line, or by pressing the "Disconnect" button at the top of the screen. Make sure you have "Keep Alives in Minutes" set to anything other than 0, which will disable them. (well the last 100 anyway) Hopefully these tests will answer your questions, and help you to decide what to do. In all the testing I have done, all the nodes have all the spots.

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