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I thought of it as being convenient because as stated they have monitors around the premises, so I need to output certain cameras around the place and this has 2 HDMI ports; I am guessing I can configure one to show specific cameras. I have always used Vitamind and it will put a square around the object which triggered the alert.. I recently purchased the IPS 5MP Dome from Aliexpress. I cannot find the camera listed and have tried several different models, but it does not work.I took a look at Milestone and it's a valid option. I can see the camera with the included UC software and also with the webpage, but the commercial software does not see it.I'm not sure how I can go about this using a newer NAS setup. lang=us This is PERFECT for what I've stated above assuming you can configure the output of each HDMI port (one to have the full cameras showing on screen and the other only a set of them for the other parts of the premises) TBH (and IMO)...NAS's are good for storage and not looking after 20 odd cameras.Just wish Milestone would support more cameras....especially the CCDCAM ones!!!Or CCDCAM would get their act together and support ONVIF.

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Does anyone have anything they're trialing at the moment that they recommend for a new install?

now I'm looking at something like these two below for the job. Or if there is a pvr with 4 cameras with 1tb hdd all built in as one with poe that would be a better option and of course 1080p HD. yes i tried using IE from the server and it lags also.. (IE side of things anyway) i still need to try using vitamind on my laptop over wifi to see if this works..

it seems to "Refresh" like a large image is loading slowly on a website.. Before upgrading to the n54l I had an old Acer G330 std (xeon 4 core CPU) with 4GB of memory and 7200rpm Sata2 drives (Raid 1) and did some testing on that server running milestone and vitamind and still the same.. It seems to only be with this particular camera, because I have always ran my vivotek 8134 on the old acer server on the highest frame rate and quality.. I guess I will need to consider buying a SSD drive just for OS? ) Or would I be better running the 2x sata2 7200rpm drives in RAID 0 on the n54l? Try updating all drivers (video/nic/chipset) on the N54l & perhaps connecting the camera direct to 54L using a cross over cable to rule out the network ?

I have a dedicated graphics card in it, IDK the specs I think it's either a 6XXX or a 5XXXX.

I'm also running a HP micro server for my IPSCAM, the lower spec N36L on Server 2008 R2, with no problems. I have one of the 5mp cameras from IPSCAM (Dome) and even on 720p 10fps and 3000 bit rate the thing wont even show, and even if it does (for 10 seconds) there is 3-4 second delay between time stamp and then it will go fuzzy and dissapear. Just after some advice ive read through most pages and im not sure what to do.

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