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Some things, of course, have changed remarkably little.We never did learn to refer to Queen Kate as Catherine and she still cuts an admirably stylish figure in her widow’s weeds, even at the age of 99.

Most people can’t afford to run a car, partly because it costs €10,000 a year for a government permit, but also because electricity prices are so high. All parties talk a lot about the environment, but with our population rapidly approaching 100 million — thanks partly to immigration from new EU member states such as Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon — most of the greenbelt disappeared years ago.Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) is an American regional sports network owned as a joint venture between two Major League Baseball franchises, the Baltimore Orioles (which own a controlling 90% interest) and the Washington Nationals (which owns the remaining 10%).Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the channel broadcasts regional coverage of sports events in the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area.Everyday technology, meanwhile, has changed beyond recognition.TVs and phones have gone the way of the dodo; today, every child is fitted at birth with a Google chip, allowing them to access the internet at the blink of an eye — literally. Teachers complain that many children spend their schooldays watching films with one eye and tweeting with the other, while there have been problems with MPs watching pornographic videos surreptitiously in the House of Commons.

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