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It only takes that one time to shy you away from love altogether.We know this here at Dating and Relationship Advice for Women and it’s our mission to guide you to the ultimate goal: LOVE in the smartest way possible.There really doesn't appear to be an average user age (maybe early 30's) but like all sites, the older you are, the smaller your pool gets.Many of the users of Ok Cupid are refugees from the other paid or free sites.

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After creating several wildly successful consumer internet businesses, Yagar and team realized that although they were clueless about the dating arena, they could apply their knowledge of matching algorithms to pair users with people they were interested in. The founders cleverly realized that since most the other websites people frequent, , i.e.

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Descend a flight, and you 'll discover the private dungeon of the Polyamorous (there is even a category status for the poly on OKC known as "Available", which is code word for open-relationship/Swinger.) Don't say we didn't warn you about "available".

There are foodies, college students, gangsta-wannabies, and of course, there are the typical work-a-day schlubs like you and me, simply hoping for a somewhat normal, not-scary date.

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