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The company added new products to its catalog, such as snare drums and timpani in 1916. William Ludwig stayed on to run the company for Conn (which also owned the Leedy Drum Co. Eventually, William Ludwig decided to leave Conn and start a new company of his own.

In 1917, Ludwig signed a deal to build rope drums to support World War I. He was unable to use the Ludwig name since that trademark now belonged to Conn who continued to market Ludwig & Ludwig drums.

This was before Molly stayed at home to paint his pretty face. “The reason why we didn't do wasn't because it was too far out or anything,” Mc Cartney was quoted as saying at the time. We weren't gay and really that was all there was to it. Brian was he and the gay crowd could appreciate it.

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Since this work was irregular, he and his brother, Theobald, opened a drum shop in Chicago; they called it Ludwig & Ludwig.

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This was the only time the band ever played on stage in Austria.

Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) as he continues to get into trouble.

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