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One called Matty Chandler wrote: 'You don't realise what your like when you've taken that shiz, you can see people and hear them but your stuck inside your head can't respond can't think can't really move, it's pretty much a short term coma.

'I tried it, but didn't take it up as a habit thank god.

According to our sources, when the "Love & Hip Hop" stars called it quits, Ray offered to leave while she packed her belongings.

But we're told when she started to pack up Boogotti's things, Ray J went off.

After they amicable break up they remained friends. She went on to begin college as a chemistry, physics, and mathematics major at Quality Academics in Jamaica, but transferred to the University College of the Caribbean as an accounting and finance major.

He was talking about having to fly here and there and I was going back to my office job.Those who are addicted to synthetics need special help.' Last year a man high on Black Mamba cut off his nose with a kitchen knife and mutilated other parts of his body.Police were called to an address in Birmingham where they found a screaming man with blood pouring from his face.British Megan Edwards born on January 11th, 1990 in Dartford, Kent, London is an accountant and a junior athlete from Dartford wasn’t star struck by Bolt when she met him, and perhaps that was what it struck him about her, he asked her for her number and began to bombarded her with calls and texts asking her for a date.Once they were dating he flew her to Jamaica to meet his family, but the flight only proved Megan long distance relationship are not always easy, so upon her arrival to the UK she broke up with him.

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