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In the 1960s, it was the American president and his first lady, JFK and Jackie O.

People followed the president’s rumoured affairs like a soap-opera and despaired at Jackie’s supposed heartache as though she were a friend.

With the countless blogs, social media accounts, and celebrity websites, they pretty much take over our news feeds whether we like it or not, but let’s face it: we kinda like it.

However, even if you are up to date with all the showbiz gossip, it’s very unlikely that you’ll know about this lot since these couples like to keep things on the DL.

Momoa stated on Tom Hardy is undeniably one of the most prominent British actors there is, and this is mostly down to his risk-taking performances that grab even the most distracted audience’s attention.

However, before making it big in Hollywood, he did a bunch of British films and TV series that got him where he is today.

The pair have two children together and finally tied the knot in 2017.

We don’t know who’s luckier of the two, although it’s probably, most definitely, Momoa.

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Funny enough, Nick didn’t get any major roles until that eventually launched him to stardom.The pair share an aversion to glamorous parties and movie events and try to avoid them whenever they can.Despite having worked together before, the two fell in love on the set of (a movie about a married couple who move into a house of nightmares), although surprisingly, they were both in relationships when the shooting commenced.The married couple have also partaken in each other’s shows-- Mullally was cast as Tammy Swanson (or Tammy II), Ron Swanson’s on-off ex-wife, and Offerman recently guest-starred in the new season of .Despite their success, Offerman and Mullally met way before making it big in Hollywood; it was during rehearsals for a theatre production in 2000 that they fell in love.

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