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Since IE crams everything on one row—the address/search box, tabs, and controls—tabs can get mighty narrow.But there's some help for that: You can place IE's tabs on their own row—separate from the search box—if you find you're opening too many to fit, and arrows appear on either side of the tab bar if you open too many tabs to display in the allotted space.Controls are kept to a single row with the address and search boxes combined into one.This box can seem too small, but luckily you can drag its edge with the mouse to enlarge it.I, too, think users would be well advised to do this: They may discover that IE actually feels faster and looks cleaner than what they've been using.And its leading privacy protection tools, including the controversial default enabling of Do Not Track and a powerful Tracking Protection tool, will appeal to those who'd rather not have large ad companies creating a detailed profile of all their Web activity.I actually prefer Firefox and Opera's separate search boxes, since searching and address entry are, to me, two different operations.

Internet Explorer has long been a whipping boy among browsers.IE6 was perhaps the most reviled browser in history, thanks to its non-standard quirks that Web developers had to navigate around to get their sites working correctly.People forget, though, that the point of this non-standard behavior was rooted in offering new power to websites, and earlier versions of IE actually first enabled Web 2.0 (with the first support for AJAX)—where sites become more interactive and app-like.It does, however run on Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) 64-bit, so IT staff can take advantage of its advances. The update isn't as snappy as updating Firefox or Chrome, taking several minutes, and on some systems a reboot, since it's actually a Windows update.If you're still running a 10-year old OS, consider this: Would you still use a 10-year-old cell phone? And note that means that you can't try it out alongside IE9--you've got to commit.

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