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This sharing of information with sites in the same network is done in order to improve your chances of making a connection.

It is therefore a very important part of the Service that your profile can be accessed via the other sites in the same network.

We also have a Privacy Policy which sets out more information about your data and privacy which can be found here.

Sharing your profile across other sites in the same network Your information will be shared with members of sites in the same network as the site you have joined.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions We will not make any changes to these Terms and Conditions that might have a negative impact on the Services or your enjoyment of them (including any price increases) unless we have first informed you in writing of the proposed changes and given you a reasonable opportunity to termination your contract with us prior to those changes coming into effect.

Cancelling or terminating your contract with us does not automatically delete your profile although you will be prompted to do so during the cancellation or termination process.

The best way to contact us is through the Contact Us facility on the Site.

Alternatively you can contact us by Email at [email protected] by post to our registered office address.

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