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Unbekannter Vater der in Reutin und Freudenstadt lebenden nachgenannten Brder.Unknown father from Reutin & Freudenstadt, Germany about 70 km SW of Stuttgart.Louisville was saved and so was the Union." Moved to Louisville, Kentucky, after the Civil War and lived in Ward 2. Was Protestant, did not join the Catholic church ... Upon Entering Philadelphia, Johann Georg signed an oath of allegience to King of England in his own hand. during this era, all were required to take the Lord's Supper to be Naturalized.

Thomas Mntzer or Mnzer was a German reformer (1489-1525) in Thuringen who created the Anabaptists. n 1697, received permission from the Count of Nassau-Saarbrcken to buy a flour mill at Wellersweiler, near Neunkirchen, Saar. Sister Rosine Eisenbeis possibly married to a Weisser. Moved to Neu Glckstal when it was formed in 1860 by a group from Glckstal & Neudorf.

After marrying in Chicago, lived in Indiana in early 1870s and family later moved back to Chicago, probably between 18Changed maiden surname spelling to Pfister by time of her death.

Annas sister Amelia Pfister Ueber had children baptized in the same Catholic Church in Avilla as was son Charles; when Amelias children married, her maiden name was listed as Foster instead of Phister.

EISENBEI FAMILY GENEALOGY 17-May-2013 Compiled by: Clyde T.

Eisenbeis Co-Compiled by: Albert Eisenbei of Germany, Henri Eisenbeis of France and Dennis Eisenbeis of California ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 1982-2013 by Clyde T.

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