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All of which made Natasha not just an overnight name, but an object of fascination.One critic called her a classic Hitchcock blonde, with hidden fires under that cool exterior, while another praised the enigmatic quality that has become her stock in trade.‘My so-called cool exterior is just a façade,’ she says.‘And sometimes enigma can be confused with not really knowing what you’re doing.We’ve all had run-ins with Rachels in our lives (though in my case she’s called Jane – don’t deny it, you know who you are).

Bo is amazingly supportive, and if a job comes up in another part of the world for me, he readily says, “Well, Gabriel and I will come with you.” Similarly, if he works away from home, I’m quite happy to go and hang out with Gabriel on Bo’s set.’ She and Bo are both only children, which has made their son all the more precious to both sets of grandparents.

It is no exaggeration to say that Natasha Little once enjoyed the cult status of being British television’s most hated blonde.

Not as herself, of course, but as Rachel, the beautiful, treacherous lawyer with the soft, wheedling, little-girl voice and the aura of sweet poison in the 90s decade-defining yuppie drama serial .

' "Career" sounds like such a big word for lurching from job to job as I do.

.’ Yet Natasha still feels strangely fond of Rachel. ‘Because the four central characters are all mistresses in one way or another, the series shows the grey areas that mean you can’t always paint someone as black or white as you want them to be.

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