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He is the Lord Lieutenant for Yorkshire and even though he wants to serve at the front during the Great War, he is made a Colonel of his old regiment.He is immensely proud of Downton as the place he grew up and takes his responsibility for the estate very seriously.For a short time, feeling ignored by Cora, he became infatuated with a housemaid, Jane Moorsum (whose husband had been killed in the First World War), and they seemed on the verge of an affair, but came to their senses after a timely interruption by an oblivious Mr Bates.To avoid further incidents, Jane decided to leave Downton.After initial dismay and anger, he gives his blessing to his daughter Sybil's marriage to family chauffeur Tom Branson and goes along with Tom and Matthew's plan to modernise Downton in Series 3.Tom, despite his republican beliefs and disdain for the aristocracy, once described his father-in-law as "a good man and a decent employer".Because of the entail, as they had no sons, Robert's heir was the closest male relative, his cousin James.

Neither Lord Fellowes nor Baroness Scotland responded immediately to requests to comment on the hacking.

His British targets also included the former Attorney General, Baroness Scotland – whose personal emails were accessed – and the City financier Sir Francis Brooke.

Emails leaked last year suggest that the hacker had focused on the prominent American dynasties such as the Bush family or the Rockefellers.

He knows that it would be impossible to maintain Downton Abbey if Cora's fortune were separated from the estate.

The earl served in the Second Boer War from 1899–1902 where John Bates, later to be his valet, was his batman.

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