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However, if it takes her a while to get back to you, think of the message you are sending to her when you respond right away.

Does this mean that you are sitting around, holding your phone in your hands all the time and waiting for the next text from her to come in?

Or, it could also suggest that whatever you are doing at work, at school or elsewhere is not important, as you can afford this kind of constant distraction.

If the girl you are talking to sends you empty text message, respond briefly without asking her “How about you? You shouldn’t have time to respond to pointless text messages that invite protracted exchange about nothing.

Women of all ages and walks of life today are literally glued to their phone and are good about checking their text messages.

Maybe they are too good at it, and they could actually use a break from as much texting and Facebook browsing as many of them do.

Must be I am involved in the wrong forums."We want men who are considerate and willing to cater to our advanced appetites....

We may not be the youthful hardbodies that parade around the beach ina bikini, but what we lack in youthful skintone, we more than make up for in experience, hunger and skills."Amen to that!!! You are going to applaud Mandi for copying and pasting my words into her post and adding one line of her own personal text complimenting me?

Does this mean women lose interest or just that they are not posting comments ? There are plenty of women in here over 45 and even over fifty who are searching for Mr. I am 47 and my sex drive in just fine thank you very much.

You may think that a simple follow up on an unreturned text is an innocent gesture like a courtesy reminder, it’s anything but. ” – there is no reason to ever send a message like that.

If any of your female friends ever showed you how bad it looks on her phone when the guy asks her our by text and then follows up with another text reminding her to respond (especially if he sends more than one follow up text message), you know how lame and needy this looks. If you don’t have anything interesting, entertaining or thought provoking to text, then don’t.

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