Outlook 2016 gal not updating

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Some of those contacts have been added to my personal contacts list in outlook.There are also some Lync contacts in my personal contacts, but in a different list.In order for these files to be created, users must navigate to the About Me page.So even if the picture sync process between Exchange Online and Share Point Online has completed successfully, the photo will not display in Share Point until the thumbnail photos have been created.For testing purposes I have uploaded a file as large as 4MB.Generally Microsoft recommends keeping the file size under 500KB, because the bigger the file the more space it takes, and the longer it takes to upload.Updating the thumbnail photo on premise and syncing the changes to O365 will update on premise, however EXO does not look on premise at that attribute for changes again.

Uncheck the option in the default role assignment policy (Or other policy applied to your users), for "My Personal Information".

The best way to accomplish this is by using the Set-Userphoto cmdlet like below.

Set-User Photo "Paul Cannon" –Picture Data ([System. File]:: Read All Bytes("C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Paul Cannon.jpg")) If you are having issues with a user photo to need to reset it, It is best to use the Remove-Userphoto, then Set-Userphoto cmdlet again.

To make this clear, I don't want the full GAL copied to each users contacts folder and synced to each devices memory, just update the contacts already in there from the GAL.

To achieve this, the contacts have to be searched in the GAL by each user and then re-added to the personal contacts list. I prefer solutions where I don't need to buy other software.

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