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Peer to Peer technology has been used in many fields including P2P based online media player, Gnutella which offer media/file sharing.

The most famous video communication software - Skype, also uses the P2P technology to provide VOIP solution.

"Do I need to make MAC https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/ZEc224l L3k Jy7Ks5Vr6c Na JSe TXVr Mo Tqkndq Df6bz Y=w657-h501-no but i get "This page can’t be displayed" https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-QJEOm ANKr A8/VE8PBe-su0I/AAAAAAAACVI/0FOFQ6F6Vss/w819-h453-no/cam6bleepingcomputer admin do not let me viewing the images so i add them like a link Please Help I can for the First Time enter the Ip camera setting!

id=client and i scan the QR code and i enter the ip camera Password "12345" the user name "admin" the problem is I Always get "OFFLINE" status of my camera when I try to Connect it https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-qjm3Yye OZFw/VE43fq VKe II/AAAAAAAACUw/jd VBHUZm Kz4/w446-h792-no/ip5I found I only can Connect to my IP Camera is by pressing the small Reset button in the bottom of my IP camera then it make "Self Test" it rotate left right and up down then here I can connect to my IP camera BUT for about 5 minutes only before it go "OFF LINE" in Android app https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-dws Lm J5x Au E/VE43dhq1r BI/AAAAAAAACUM/P5b ZJdke Kk0/w650-h366-no/ip4I Tryed to connect using the ip Camera software in my PC I can see the cam IP https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-Gsnf Ta83YKk/VE43a-v DGUI/AAAAAAAACUs/eovh_-U--Eo/w664-h521-no/cam1here whet I get when I press "Next": https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/le3v Ig OStu Bzb Ezn VQwbcl Re ROBKX-Qjs Myd Tr-PUy U=w664-h521-no I tried to enter the IP camera with No success "This page can’t be displayed" I think its proplem from my for IP camera?

So you have to see the port the camera is using to stream and to allow this port in firewall settings of your router.

Once you enable access you can view your camera video outside your home in internet by your internet ip.

Otherwise you can only see the video within your ethernet network with ip siimilar to or very close to it like

This ip you will not be able to use outside your local network.

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