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Hannas request was forwarded to Secretary of Treasury Albert Gallatin with the following notation, it has been difficult to get anyone who would consent to accept the appointment as keeper for the compensation allowed.

In March 1812, Thomas Hanna, grandfather of Marcus Hanna who would receive notoriety as keeper at Cape Elizabeth, agreed to man the light for 0 per year, plus a 0 advance for provisions.

Wright kept meticulous records, prosecutors say, and her list of clients - many of whom have admitted to charges of patronizing a prostitute - include well-known lawyers, businessmen and politicians from across southern Maine.

Boon Island, a tiny outcropping of granite, only two football fields long and fourteen feet above sea level at its highest point, is located six-and-a-half miles off Maines southern coast.

At first, Boon Island was barely able to attract and retain a keeper. The second, David Oliver, accepted, but left without notice to work aboard a ship after the government refused his salary request.

I have made a calculation and find that what would make me comfortable, Oliver wrote, would amount to nearly five hundred dollars [per year]also the wages of a Man and Boy would be thirty dollars a month.

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