Perils of dating

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Anyone, including strangers, can view whatever is posted as “public.” However, there may be other data that you share publicly without realizing it, and there are less obvious ways that your information may be treated as public without your permission, including: Advertising Your own publicly posted content isn’t the only way that you can be tracked, and advertisers are very interested in the information that can be gathered by tracking a user’s actions online.

Some of the purposes of analysis may include: Behavioral advertising is the term used to describe the practice of tailoring advertisements to an individual’s personal interests.

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This can be anything from your username to individual posts, to your entire account.

Generally, the type of information that you can share on a social network includes: Predictably, all of this sharing reveals information about you, including meta-data and contextual information you may not even be aware of.Read more about public records in PRC’s Guide, Credit Creditors may mine social networking sites, including Facebook and Linked In, to supplement the information they gather from traditional credit reports.By supplementing credit reports with data from social networks, creditors claim that they may be able to offer loans to consumer who may not qualify under traditional underwriting methods.This includes divorce trials, child custody battles, insurance lawsuits, criminal trials and cases brought by university police against students for inappropriate behavior or underage drinking, to name a few.Be aware that information entered as evidence in a court case could potentially become part of a public record.

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