Picasa keeps updating thumbnails

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While launching i Photo, hold down commandment keys and then rebuild the i Photo using the rebuilding dialog.Choose Rebuild i Photo library from the automatic backup.Apple is famous for their stable and reliable products. Like no exception to other programs, i Photo users occasionally face problems using it.With so many features like editing, sharing, storage facility, the program may behave unusually.If problem still exist then check for apple documents as Apple provides specific instructions for rebuilding i Photo library.It is a very common problem to i Photo users worldwide.Adding music to slideshow is a great idea to make your slideshow fantastic.

You may need to change security settings on your computer to import images.Please upgrade your i Photo library with i Photo 7.1.5 or later.” or “there is not enough free space on your Aperture library volume to import the selected items.It can estimate that you need at least an additional 1214 MB of space.” To solve this problem, you need to backup and rebuild your library.Then do right click on the i Photo library and select the “Show Package Contents” option.It will bring up your photos you are trying to import.

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