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I’m not a big fan of this brand of advice because it just results in every man’s profile sounding exactly the same and not containing any real, authentic details that will grab a woman’s attention and hold it. Just as a photo alone is not enough to cultivate strong attraction in women, a profile that just has a few lines, or is full of generic pickup artist scripts, does not give women something real to be attracted to.Women tend to read every word of a man’s profile, and they do this because they want to gauge whether or not there is the potential for the three Cs: chemistry, compatibility and conversation.The bottom line is you have to give a woman some details about who you are if you want to generate real attraction.You don’t have to tell your life story or divulge deeply personal details.But it's no better either."So an algorithm isn't smart enough to figure out if two strangers are soulmates.But the sites do have their benefits."Mainly, online dating sites give you more options beyond your existing social network that you wouldn't have had otherwise," Eastwick said.

We all want the same things — to love and be loved.There’s a lot of advice out there about how to write an online dating profile.In particular, there’s a lot of advice for men on how to use certain lines, tactics and scripts to attract women."They're running the same scam with 1,000 people at the same time."If you don't pony up the cash, the con artist could use your racy photos or adult-themed conversations to extort the money from you."You should be sharing only information you'd be happy to share on a 35-foot billboard above your home," Williams said.The scams are easy enough to dodge — all it takes is 15 minutes.

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