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As always, some features of i OS 10 are limited to specific hardware so not all devices get all the features.

Raise To Wake requires i Phone 6s or i Phone 7, for example.

Siri was added to more devices, and updated with more functionality, including the ability to make restaurant reservations, launch apps, retrieve movie reviews and sports statistics, and read items from the Notification Center. Critics noted that the operating system did not offer any significant speed improvements or major redesigned elements, but instead focused on refinements, with a general consensus that Apple "isn't overhauling things for the sake of it".

i OS 6 didn't "completely change the way you use your device", but "each of the tweaks [...] will make many daily smartphone actions easier across the board", and critics noted that refinement of "something that already works extremely well" is "something other companies would do well to emulate".

TYTNetwork Member i OS 7 users report Pod Cruncher works for i OS 7 podcasts.

Never had it before to this degree, but it's doing it quite frequently now (once every 15-ish minutes or so). I've been listening to music now for over 5 hours today on podcasts and Google music with both Bose bluetooth headphones and the original apple wired earphone with no interruptions to my music streamed and saved.

i OS 10 does a lot of indexing and caching and these all get flushed on system update. Let us know what you think of Apple’s latest mobile operating system in the comments.It was doing it once or so every ten minutes yesterday. I’ve also had other audio problems where it just cuts out for a good 5 or 10 seconds when on the phone or watching video apps like Stan (that one was just once so far but the phone call thing has been at least three times) I also have noticed that sometimes when my phone screen turns off whatever is playing locks up for a few seconds too before it’ll resume playing. If this is how Apple handles code changes, may as well move to Android then. It occurs for all audio, the Music player, Podcast app, and Spotify.Really not happy :/ I should note that I'm on an iphone 6S, and that the issue happens with headphones and with the built in speakers. It started happening immediately after the 11.3 update.On i Phone 6s or later, the phone will actually wake itself from sleep when you raise the device This can be jarring until your habits adjust to the new behavior.Also note that some features of i OS 10 will not be visible immediately.

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