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Some of you know me already and I have worked with you before. Some names we have are Amerdos and Guymannnemesis off eater, and Wayne off RD when he can.

I am Admin on the Looker sites and have built a strong team there.

As if he had decided that this is the man I’m going to learn agenting from and therefore it is in my best interest as Lloyd to emulate him.

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When you first started removing profiles of scammers from the profile looker site, how many per week were you removing?

I am keeping the statistics on these with big number reports.

Persistent and dangerous scammers such as Lovedoctor4love (uses Janelle Stein portfolio) go to 419e.

And finally, How many scammers a week are you finding now?

We rarely have oportunity to hear from those in the dating site industry, having a baiter there certainly helps.

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