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After a wonderful weekend in Death Valley, we started on the journey back home, which Google Maps says is supposed to take 8 hours.With a fussy 7-week-old baby (does that qualify as a hardship? On the way home, Connor watched Disney’s five times in a row on the way home.Along the way, we stopped at Pinnacles National Monument, where we took this picture: That’s me with my now almost-14-year-old son, Connor, with our Honda Odyssey in the background.That was so long ago that I took the photo with a film camera and had to scan in into my computer in order to post it.We stayed in a cabin at a Jellystone Campground nearby where this photo was taken.October, 2002 – My husband drove me to the hospital where our youngest daughter Camille was born. Camille also rode home from the hospital in our Odyssey.

When I bought this Honda Odyssey, I was working in a manufacturing plant as the Facilities/Utilities Manager and a Project Manager.

It was the first year of the new body style and the first minivan to feature back row seats that folded down instead of needing to be removed.

With the seat folded down and the middle row seats removed, it can carry a 4×8 sheet of plywood.

Since then, we’ve taken many more trips in our Odyssey.

I spent a few hours going back through all the pictures I’ve taken in the last 12 years looking for photos where my Odyssey made a cameo appearance in the background. So here it is, a summary of our wanderings and adventures in our Odyssey over the last 12 years with commentary about the notable experiences and hardships, and links and photos where available.

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