Qualities of a healthy dating relationship

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These signs are suggestions that a relationship is on a healthy path, but they operate within the broader context of the relationship and should be considered alongside other markers of relationship health. You don't want him to change because you MADE him change, but because he sees things from a new perspective and truly has a change of heart.

In this case it does not seem like this will happen. I'm always upset seeing women hurt by their spouse. I notice beauty in general, but I know how to control myself and not ogle other guys, because I know doing that would disrespect my boyfriend and our relationship, and perhaps make him feel bad.

Take a look at this evidence to evaluate your own relationship—or to gain some tips on how to foster happiness, attachment, love, and satisfaction in your partnership:1.

People in thriving relationships take on their partner's habits, interests, and mannerisms.

This research also showed that while affectionate touch didn’t predict the amount of conflict couples experience, people who offered and welcomed non-sexual physical affection reported having an easier time recovering from conflict.5.

Individuals in thriving relationships pay less attention to other attractive people.

In a series of studies, Maner and colleagues primed heterosexual participants with a mating motive and then compared how single participants and participants in committed relationships performed on a computer task that measured their attention to attractive opposite-sex faces. He doesn't see a problem with it, even though I havev said it makes me uncomfortable.

This study revealed that individuals who tend to perceive their relationship as rich with positive commitment (joy, fulfillment, belonging) tend to perceive less negative commitment (worry, irritation, hurt) and less constraint commitment (feeling tied down, stuck, stifled)—and they tend to be much more satisfied in their relationships overall. I don't spend a lot of time noticing the attractiveness of other men in front of my boyfriend or even behind his back, but that's me. Unless people are very skilled at manipulation, they tend to tell you the truth, if you listen to what they are saying.

These people see their relationship as something they be in. He probably isn't going to stop noticing and commenting on other women, even though it does make me uncomfortable. Your boyfriend is stating that he finds other women attractive, this means that he has the personality, beliefs and values of someone who is on the lookout for women.

Self-other overlap is a sign of cognitive interdependence and predicts closeness, love, and relationship maintenance behaviors (Aron & Fraley, 1999), all characteristics of a thriving relationship.2.

In thriving relationships, partners support each others’ opportunities for growth.

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