Radioactive dating animation

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, and was forced to read narration where Dave loses to him.The show was created and written by Doug Langdale of fame.

Wayne-Powers Enterprises lacks the philanthropic ideals from when Bruce ran the company, and Derek Powers hates the new Batman's interference in his less-savory endeavors—and when Terry eventually causes Powers's transformation into the radioactive supervillain Blight, that hatred grows far more personal.

Bruce acts as both Mission Control and The Mentor by coaching Terry from the Batcave, lending the new Batman advice while watching his back through the suit's various high-tech capabilities.

To keep their covers, Bruce hires Terry as a personal assistant (using their encounter with The Jokerz as the official story of how they met) and re-enters Gotham's social circles.

Bruce sends Terry away, but when the young teen returns home, the police are waiting for him.

Someone has murdered Terry's father, and all the evidence says The Jokerz did it.

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