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His ability to grow to the next level would not be possible without the constant support of his wife and the RRH family. Jon Dressler hired Brian as a server assistant at Mortons in 2002. Brian and his wife are avid home cooks and love collecting cookbooks, kitchen knives, liquor and pretty much anything industry related.He left Mortons in 2003 to open his first restaurant in Huntersville and Brian followed. He is obsessed with flavors and trying new combinations and mash ups.Her vision, tastes, color pallets and style are on display in all of the restaurants. Schooled at University of Maryland, she has an extensive hotel background, prior to working at Morton’s.At Morton’s, she met the love of her life (well, her current love and husband).Largest head in the organization, minus facial hair, with a huge social media following.He is a gentle southern gentleman, by way of Detroit, and a Charlotte resident for over eighteen years.There’s no “end” to this game, and you can play it as long as you like! Leila Elia: “I bought your game probably 5-ish years ago and have told so many people about it.We love the game in our house; the kids beg to play.

She will be joining TPH as coordinator of private events.

Some believers in Sitchin’s theory also refer to Nibiru as “Planet X”, the name given to a planet that is allegedly located within our solar system but beyond Pluto.

Adherents to the “returning Planet X hypothesis” believe the return of this wandering planet will bring cataclysmic consequences to earth.

We are family-owned and family-run, and we strive to work with those who can say the same. He makes a stranger family and family feel strange.

Our restaurants are inspired by the seasons and by the ever-evolving traditions that make up Southern cuisine. His philosophy is based on some very basic tenets that remain true to this day: Take care of the guest, have fun and make money. Do business with strangers as if they were brothers. Promote only able people and find them by testing them.

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