Safe dating

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“If you put yourself out there in the wrong way, the wrong person might think he or she is JUST the one to give you what they think you want.” Yikes—not worth it.

Try to keep most of those hilarious shot-taking and booty-shaking shots for yourself and your friends (read: a private Instagram profile or shared i Photo stream).

Think parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and pretty much any public place.

“Try to choose places you’re familiar with,” says O’Toole.

If possible, avoid dark, secluded bars during a first meeting.

And don’t meet in locations where you’re alone or confined.

This adds an extra layer of safety to any date you go on with a stranger.“Always do at least a simple Google search on a potential date, and an advanced search is even better.Try to verify what they are telling you about themselves.” There’s a lot you can learn from someone’s photos and a lot that can mislead you.You never want to give a potential criminal the advantage to be on their turf.” The chances of this happening are slim, but it only takes one person with hidden bad intentions to harm you.Stalking situations can happen through no fault of your own, but usually develop after an intimate relationship has begun, says Delong.

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