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The options are divided into 2 categories: Increase spam Score and, Mark as spam.

To be able to demonstrate options available in the Content Filter - Advanced options let describe two scenarios: Over the last month, users were complaining about spam mail that contains malicious content.

When we click on the “option arrow," we can see that we can choose the options: “Off," “On” or “Test." In case that we choose the option “On," each mail that contains content that is not allowed by one of the security filters that was selected (such as Java Script or VBScript in HTML) will be marked as spam.

To be able to block this spam mail item, we would activate three additional filters: mark as spam if the mail item is or contains: By default, each of the security filter status is: Off.

Vitaly is known to spam webpages of legitimate websites and pages of websites he owns across Google Analytics accounts and Google-Liar. If your Google Analytics data is randomly targeted by the spammer you will notice an unusual amount of referral traffic coming from a webpage on

The reason why you are seeing this spam in your Google Analytics reports is because Vitarly Poplov lost a battle with Google due to his ɢdomain name that appears similar to (the G is different). Poplov claims that Google lied to acquire his domain name and that he wants the world to know.

You can effectively remove the cookie from your computer with Exterminate It! After installing the program, run a scan to display the cookie in the Scan Result screen and remove this file.

For information on running scans and removing the items found, see the Exterminate It! Please note, that during the removal of the cookie using Exterminate It!

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