Samuel l jackson dating daughter

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and Tabitha Postell) James Joshua Ward Postell was born 27 April 1826 (son of J. Births Emily Lucile Schurter May 13, 1898 Neoma Elsie April 1, 1899 Henry Raymond May 26, 1901 Annie Vivian March 2, 1904 Mildred Beatrice April 20,1906 Alama Olean April 27 1908 Alfred Dyer November 1, 1910 Gordon Lee April 6, 1913 Herman Houston December 9 1917 Mary Catherine September 5, 1920 (living) Marriages Margurite Bolen and Henry Schurter married July 17, 1925 Clifton Beagle and Vivian married September 7 1928 Dennis Burnette and Mildred married May 25, 1929 Deaths Emily Lucile Schurter May 21, 1898 (in Gerogia) Gordon Lee Schurter April 4, 1914 Herman Houston Schurter July 3, 1919 Henry Raymond Schurter March 30, 1935 (buried in Jackson, Alabama) Henry R.

BW Taylor sept 29,1864 First Page Everett Beck married Gracy Wasdin 21, May 1829 Henry Orston Mason was born 14, February 1862 Selia Mariah Mason was born 2, January 1865 Mary Elizabeth Lord was born 22, November 1869 Orston Beasley married Elizabeth Hay 20, May 1830 Orston Beasley married Selia Moore 9, January 1840 Viola Beasley was born 26, August 1878 Second Page - Column one Everett Beck was born 24, August 1808 Gracy Wasdin was born 25, May 1777 Adeline Beck was born 26, July 1829 Caleb Beck was born 24, November 1830 Sarah Ann Beasley was born 13, January 1848 Elijah Beasley Jr. The AL ROOM houses the archives for the Escambia County Historical Society. In the 1840's he and Nancy were members of the Siloam Baptist Church in Royal, 6 miles east of Blountsville. There would not have been reason to write out dates and put them in numerical dates on the same entry. The New Testament Of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ Translated out of The Original Greek; and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared & Revised. They went back to Morgan Co., Georgia and had seven more children there. A military plaque was supposed to have been placed in his honor in Blount Co., Alabama. Perhaps the remaining parts of the Bible can be located and more information clarified. Published by: American Bible Society Instituted in th Year 1816, New York 1919 Family Record Marriages Ruth A. Paul, 72 Nassau Street New York 1824 [74th Edition] The name is listed as one of Montgomery County's Revolutionary Soldiers and is on the plaque on the second floor of the Archives on the hall wall. In the 1880's Washington and Elizabeth, along with Washington's mother, moved their family to Winston County, Alabama where they spent their remaining years. (, lived and raised their family in Graysville, Jefferson County, Alabama. was mayor of Graysville from 1901-1905 and from 1911-1913. In the dedication speach for the placement of this plaque it states the plaque had not been received by the dedication date. There appears to be at least three different scripts in the writing, although two of these could be the same script which has changed with the increasing age of the individual who entered the information. moved his family by 1840 to Barbour Co., AL, where he was listed in the census and also in the 1850 census. Postell) William Francis Postell was born 16 November 1809 (son of James C. Green) John Cummings Postell was born 7 June 1815 (son of James C. Our precious husband and father has gone to rest in the paradise of God, blessed (? Written by his wife in sorrow and stricken companion on May 15th, S. Escambia Co., AL Typed and submitted by Lygia Dawkins Cutts, 1999. Postell) William Postell was born 1797 (brother of James C. died Lordsday, May 11th, 1902 at 11 AM, aged 73 years, 3 months and 21 days.

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