Sedating cats for plane travel

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If you are travelling by car or caravan, taking your pet’s favourite bed, blanket, or toys can also help make the trip more relaxing and pleasant for them.

If you are flying, you will need an airline-approved carrier for your pet.

There maybe age or breed limitations on which pets are permitted to fly, and restrictions depending on whether or not they are pregnant.

Make sure any pet carrier you intend to use for flying meets the standards approved by your airline.

Our veterinary service means that we can fulfil all quarantine requirements before you go, we can also put you in touch with reputable pet transport agencies who will make sure your pet arrives at its destination safely.

: Do you have a plan in case your pet gets sick while you are travelling?

International destinations invariably have strict quarantine regulations, these obviously differ depending on where you are going.

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Sedation can have side effects, including lowering body temperature (which could be an issue if your pet is flying in the cargo area of a plane), and causing hypotension (low blood pressure), your pet may not eat and drink normally if sedated therefore leading to dehydration and other problems.Also, the certificate must be obtained within a certain window of time before you travel.Find out from your airline or pet travel agent what their requirements are and plan ahead.We will be able to advise you about parasite protection and other health considerations that may be different at your destination.If you decide to leave your pet at home, we can recommend a good boarding facility or pet sitting service.

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