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We went to eat in Port Elizabeth and while walking met a man who seemed very friendly and said he was called Sipho.He sort of hung around all day chatting and said he wanted to get to know people from Europe.They took us behind some deserted shacks and tied my wrists and ankles with cable ties and gagged me with a cloth.Then they grabbed Elaine and started to rip her clothes off.We flew into Johannesburg and spent a couple of days looking around.We had lots of warnings about the dangers of the city,as the murder capital of the world and we took taxi's everywhere.

Sipho said his family would be eating at the beach and it was just starting to get to dusk. The beach was a mess,lots of rubbish, but Sipho said it was better further along.

Then as they got close,they produced long bladed knives and grabbed us.

They obviously knew Sipho and his manner changed from friendly to menacing.

They pushed her to the ground and did not strip her naked just ripped her top open pulled her bra up and then tore her panties off..

The men were all aged between 35 and late 40's and dressed in dusty clothes that looked very worn and old. a tall guy with face scars unfastened a bit of string round his waist and let his pants drop.

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