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In fact, it is quite common for an individual to experience general cognitive distraction as the mind wanders to the grind of everyday life (i.e., balancing checkbooks, paying bills, shuttling children to extracurricular activities).

While general cognitive distraction can certainly impact sexuality, there are other specific types of cognitive distraction that can also impact sexuality.

It may include components of affection, tenderness, and companionship between two people (Firestone & Cartlett, 1999).

In an ongoing sexual relationship, both partners should be aware of the important role that sex plays in their lives.

Healthy sexuality has also been suggested to include components of communication and acceptance of love, expressing emotion and giving and receiving pleasure, having the ability to enjoy and control sexual and reproductive behavior without feelings of guilt, fear, or shame (Firestone, Firestone, & Catlett, 2006).

In addition to the tremendous variance among people's sexual behaviors, determining, what is normal or healthy is further complicated by several types of categorical variables that also impact sexuality (i.e., gender, age, health).

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Yamamiya, Cash, and Thompson (2006) reviewed the literature and identified that body dissatisfaction is related to sexual dissatisfaction, avoidance of sexual activities, sexual distress, and feeling sexually unskilled.For example, reduced interest in sex is commonly reported by individuals who are depressed.Also, physical conditions can heavily impact sexual function.Starting with sexual desire, it is a well-established fact that men have a stronger sex drive than women.In 2001, Baumeister and colleagues conducted an extensive review of the research and found that generally speaking, men want sex more than women.

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