Soon to be ex husband is dating

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Yet Blyton could never forgive Pollock, who served with distinction in two world wars, for finding happiness of his own when their marriage ended.According to Crowe, Blyton's revenge was to stop him from seeing his daughters, Gillian and Imogen, and to prevent him from finding work in publishing.You see, I'm absolutely no good in a sick room and I hate hospitals. If he's going to be ill for some time, could you let me know how he gets on?" After Crowe narrowly escaped death in an air raid, Pollock went to see Blyton.

Crowe claims that Blyton had a number of affairs with men she met at bridge evenings.Although Pollock never publicly condemned Blyton, Crowe has decided to tell "the truth" about the celebrated children's author, whose books have sold 400 million copies worldwide."I have struggled long and hard with this legacy," Crowe told The Telegraph."On the one hand, I feel such matters should remain private, but on the other, I want to honour the memory of my husband.Furthermore, she told the girl's [boarding] schools that on no account was their father, who was paying the bills, to be allowed anywhere near them."Crowe and Pollock married within days of the divorce being granted in October 1943.At the time, Pollock's daughters were 12 and eight.

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