Sophia bush dating 2016

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@Melissa JPeltier @Katrina Nation @NYCanegirl @Dr Din D @Jodi______ Davis News… And you wonder why Rosanne Barr and so many others feel free to drop any kind of BS (racist or just plain stupid) into the public discourse with impunity. Bigots need to be fucking terrified of being caught and cancelled. Dear @real Donald Trump: In case you forgot, here are the leaders of the Russia probe: -Republican Wray, appointed by you -Republican Rosenstein, appointed by you -Republican Mueller, appointed by Rosenstein who was appointed by you And DNI Coates is a Republican appointed by you Donald Trum… "I can't believe this is my life.""She's a real girl, she's not like this ludicrous ideal of perfection or some annoying nagging shrew like so often women get written," Sophia explained about her character, Ali."She's creative and spontaneous and a little bit neurotic.

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I wake up every day and pinch myself," Sophia gushed about her new acting gig, which has her playing the fiancée of one man while balancing the bromance he has with his gay BFF (Michael Urie).

Separating children from parents at the border is a new Trump Administration policy. If you don't have the courage to own up to it, then reverse it. why don't you become the face of a new social justice initiative for the league. use our platform to reach out and support community groups making a difference" The Trump administration is moving to reverse Obama-era rules barring hunters on some public lands in Alaska from baiting brown bears with bacon and doughnuts and using spotlights to shoot mother black bears and cubs hibernating in their dens. Lesley Stahl, speaking at the Deadline Club Awards, says she once asked Trump why he continues to relentlessly attack the press.

Hundreds of kids as young as 18 months are in danger of suffering lifelong trauma. You can’t change my opinion, and can’t stop my protest I have a right as an American to protest when I feel there is injustice in this country. When it comes to high school students, endangered species, national parks, Flint Michigan, Puerto Rico, refugees, immigrants, science, the health of the planet, & embryos in women you’ve knocked up, you are definitely not for life. When you add it all up, today Trump demanded a counter-investigation into the legitimate, lawfully-predicated DOJ probe of his campaign, based on no evidence of wrongdoing, solely to undermine the special counsel - and he got it.

Disgraceful & weak to blame others for your own evil policy. Dangerous time when our country is led by those who will lie about anything, backed by those who will believe anything, based on information from media sources that will say anything. His answer: “I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so that when you write negative stories about me, no one will believe you." DTD0Pm9 Trump threatened Amazon to get at WAPO, AT&T to get at CNN; he has threatened to take away credentials; and today AP and CNN were barred from an EPA event.

Americans must break out of that bubble and seek truth. NBA coach Steve Kerr slams the NFL over its new policy, saying the league is "basically trying to use the anthem as fake patriotism... It's idiotic, but that's how the NFL has handled their business." PQYmrj H Separated a mother from her 18-month-old baby?!

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