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The Ministry of Defence wanted to sell but was keen to preserve the base and so the Bicester Heritage team spent a huge amount of time putting their proposal together.It proved a winning one and backed by private investors, Dan bought the site for £3.4million and began work in 2013.There may be only a handful who deal with your specific car and in this fragmented industry they are often on out-of-the-way industrial areas, or even down farm tracks.

Bicester Heritage, with its 30 businesses on one elegant site, is the brainchild of businessman Dan Geoghegan, who believed that the fragmented but highly-valuable British classic car industry needed a new way of working.‘It came from bitter experience,’ explains the car-mad businessman and property developer.It has a huge outer wall surrounding it, which is juxtaposed with the inside walls covered with thousands of decorative green tiles.It makes an evocative backdrop for the cars on display, which range from a 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray painted in NASA-style - in hommage to cars given to astronauts when they returned to Earth - to a stunning classic red 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia SS.Dan describes the 348 acre site as home to ‘50 beautiful buildings and 500 trees in a parkland setting’.The redbrick buildings and hangars are situated on tree-lined avenues, in the classic RAF base trident formation, which was devised to get ground crew quickly up the centre road to the airfield and air crew up the outer roads.

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