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It is fascinating to speculate on the number of the bus in the photo, but someone with NCT knowledge may well know more about their fate than I do, although 590, from South Shields is a possibility, and it is known that several buses sold to breakers became "caravans" in the early post war years, so possibly it is one which was not sold by BCT !

I have met Mr Haywood and corresponded with him about this.

You may have an interest in the old photo on a page of my website.

My info was my dad and grandfather bought it from a dealer in Ipswich, already converted.

Bradford received 10 Sunbeam MF2s in 1942, from a wartime diverted South Africa order.

Thanks for that clarification Ken, and most interesting!

The other 2 vehicles which went to South Shields in 1945 apart from 590, were 596, and 582.

KW 9459 has no subsequent history and given that the bus was secreted on air bases it pretty much confirms the lack of subsequent disposal information.

On the original black and white photo Mr Haywood sent me the registration does appear to have the look of KW 9459 albeit indistinct.

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