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“Even if you make bad pictures,” he said, “you’ll have a good time.” Thank you for that, Harry.

It was very much with these ideas in mind that was born.

Sometimes the music was great; sometimes not so great. Later in life, as his fortunes improved, his stories became grander. Part of the settlement was that he could never sue them again.

"But that doesn't mean Doris can't," I can still hear him saying. What I didn't learn about storytelling from my dad I learned at the racetrack, where good stories are easier to come by than good horses. But they really date to 1968, when Arthur Siegel, my Photo One teacher, introduced me to the documentary photographs of Robert Frank, Brassai, August Sander, Weegee, and Ed van der Elsken.

I didn’t know there’s be a plethora of scholars, formal and informal, to do what I set out to do—much better and more thoroughly, it turns out. I’m not humble bragging when I say others did it better. Few of them had investors and marketing teams to direct their careers. He told stories about work, friends, cars, and sports. His favorite story was the one about selling a lady two left shoes.

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Back then could hear it on the radio from Mexico to Canada.

Lucky for me, using a camera I could still be a historian, of sorts.

At least that’s what my new friends Frank, Brassai, Sander, Weegee, and van der Elsken were teaching me.

The stories were written down by my co-author Brendan Boyd, but I've chosen to make them my own. One thing I learned at the track was people like you far better when your stories turn out badly than when you succeed. She cashed in her bet and walked away clean with .40. But I learned that going into the world with a camera in hand was a lot more fun than retreating to the library with books in hand.

For instance, there's the one about my horse and my date's horse fighting it out in deep stretch, my horse in a close but comfortable lead. Here's comes my date's horse in a rush, just catching my nag at the wire. My 30-1 shot and 0 win ticket would have netted me 00 had her horse not stuck his nose in front. The air was healthier—and I got a lot more dates that way.

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