Srs dating hrt well

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A referral letter alone from a qualified mental health professional now suffices.The SOC state: With respect to mastectomy/chest reconstruction and breast augmentation, the seventh version of the SOC do not require an RLE for these procedures; nor is an RLE required for hysterectomy, salpingo-oophorectomy, or orchiectomy, or for other procedures such as facial feminization surgery and voice feminization surgery.In another study conducted by Lawrence, she showed that in a group of 232 post-operative trans women, none expressed outright regret, and only a few expressed even occasional regret.This article is written to address questions about sexual safety after sex reassignment/realignment surgery (SRS).

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You're going to have your genitals for the rest of your life, so no need to jump on the horse before your body says it's ready to ride (if you know what I mean).

Supporting such claims, physician and sexologist Anne Lawrence, in a paper presented at the XVII Harry Benjamin International Symposium on Gender Dysphoria, stated that there is little scientific evidence that a one-year RLE is necessary or sufficient for favorable outcomes following GRS.

In addition, she presented the results of a study she conducted on a group of trans women in which she showed that GRS without a prior one-year RLE could be undergone without the subsequent expression of regret.

In addition, WPATH emphasizes that the SOC are merely clinical guidelines, and are intended to be both flexible and modifiable to meet the circumstances of the patient and the preferences and judgement of the clinician.

Clinical practice in many places may be more or less stringent.

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