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Using Cain's offering as an idea, Abel had improved on the model by upgrading the offering to the very best quality. The trouble begins after God embraces Abel's offering, but not Cain's.When Cain sees Abel's offering accepted by God, he doesn't turn inward to consider how he himself could do better.

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It also gives the speaker permission to do less with his own life, to feel complacent with his own mediocrity.Imagine if we were jealous of our fellow's humility and self-sacrifice as we are of his wealth and honor?We are told that Cain's offering was from the poorest of his produce, and Abel's was the choicest of his flock.One would hope that almost any job success would bring cheers from colleagues, but all too often it turns out quite the opposite. I'm at the point in my career where it is appropriate to consider my next stage. But with every option, I can already hear the naysayers dissecting and criticizing my decision.The knowledge that people will comment can be crippling.

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