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Despite being simple, stick figures can be very expressive.The varied thickness of the lines alone will remind you of how your chest expanded, or how your front thighs pushed back.I was recently in a secondhand bookstore perusing the shelves and, as usual these days, ended up in the sexuality section. Keep the other two positions as usual and change the third.I like to see what’s being published and read on this topic, especially those books written by Christian authors. I was both intrigued and appalled that anyone would get into that position to have sex. For instance, keep direction and general position and change the angle. In particular, the knees-to-chest position can feel more intense and allow the penis to brush against the wife’s G-spot. Throwing your legs up in the air may feel awkward at first, but lifting the legs up changes the angle of the body as well.

Nothing shown below should be attempted based on an erroneous belief that these stick figures are anything like the real you. Also, wives, tilting your hips is another way to shift the angle and feel something different.

In this position, the husband may be able to go deeper into her vagina as well. When a wife keeps her legs together, it can create greater friction on the man’s penis and squeeze the opening a bit to provide more pressure. One or both legs can be bent just slightly, moderately, or with the wife’s knees all the way up to her chest.

THIRD, THERE IS THE ANGLE OF YOUR TORSO AND LIMBS — MAINLY WIFE. Bending in this way can increase the likelihood of her husband thrusting into her elusive G-spot. The wife spreads her legs wide which gives the best access for viewing, touch, and entry.

It is my contention that you can come up with all kinds of positions by simply playing mix-and-match here. Thus, the following are my own pitiful renderings of the sexual positions. So here’s your typical sexual position: Man on top, lying down, spread wide. You can achieve numerous positions just with these basics (and I am a terrible artist).

A wife can even drape her legs over her husband’s shoulders. However, since I didn’t want anything too graphic here, I decided that stick figures would work just fine for my purposes.

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