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You can sing and dance while we enjoy the nice lunch you made. When you finish secretarial training maybe you can ask Paul if he needs a new girl.

The very first way that I identify a woman who is a "closet sub" is to ask her to repeat something that I want to hear.Paul sissy gives a nice foot lick, would you care for that? Oh yes Pam he gets spanked; over the knee, panties down, legs kicking like a girl and his little princess gets just as hard as if he was a boy.Sissy Paul isn’t laughing at you he just thinks "little princess" is cute.To this day, I have a number of e-mail messages and messages on the popular social networking site, Facebook, from women who refer to me as "Sir," "Daddy," or "Mr.Currie" instead of simply "Alan."Is this a "talent" that only I possess? Any man with some degree of "Alpha Male" traits can learn how to identify, seduce, and train a woman who is what I refer to as a "closet submissive." Closet submissive?

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