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Is it her fault that this new joiner to PKR might have been coaxed by money, perhaps offered by some politician or political organisation - possibly opposition in the state, to do this?

Is it her fault that she chooses to sleep in the nude?

There is only one reason why people in authority who are supposed to protect the rights of the people, would surrender their power to a private company and developer.If it isn't the State Government's responsibility to ensure the safety of people, proper zoning and planning, then whose is it? How does that compare to a poor woman who was photographed while sleeping by her boyfriend (alleged Hilmi Malik).Is it her fault that this perverted young man had perverted and malicious intentions?Ai yoo, teruklah lu ah soh, DAP punya wang pun lu curi. Tapi kes cek 5 keping ni tak meletop kalau Teresa Kok tak saman bekas pembantu dia Tony Tan Chee Chong dengan Danny Leong Eng Tiom RM10 juta.Teresa saman kedua2 bekas balaci dia tu sebab KONONNYA dia orang selewengkan dana kutipan PRU 13.

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