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While talking with Trish at her table one day, we noticed Snowy was spinning on her hind legs in the air. We have steadily been bringing both Trish and Snowy out and about, away from their house. View the K9 Freestyle Dancing of Trish & Snowy here!And while we still have a long way to go, I firmly believe that the power of the Human-Animal Bond will heal all in time. On August 28, 2011, Upstate New York was hit with one of the worst hurricanes to come inland. Prattsville was wiped off the map after this hurricane. As the water worked it's way up to Trish's house, evacuation was esstential for both Snowy and Trisha.Trish amazing in her ability to understand that behavior modification is a lifelong commitment with remarkable results when following through and understanding that change comes with time and patience, and obtaining the knowledge to help make these changes.Snowy has shown through her intelligence that she can learn and overcome fears that she faces on a daily basis.We have added a Treadmill into Snowy's exercise program for those days that its hard to practice their freestyle.Snowy adapted to it magically and can do a full 20 minutes on it by herself, willing jumping on to go for a run.

Trish has a harder time getting around, she is not as mobile as she used to be, and Snowy has her ups and downs also, but together they get through the rough times.

Freestyle has changed to the game of "What can you do for me", with Snowy going through various Freestyle moves.

The one and most important part of this great team is their bond and love for one another.

As we all get older things that we were able to do on a regular basis gets harder and more strenuous to do.

Trish is now going on 86 years and Snowy is now approaching 10 years of age.

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