Tushar kapoor dating

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The bench asked Mehta to inform it about the progress made in this regard and listed the matter for hearing in July.NPCIL is seeking extension until April 2022 for the construction of an AFR facility for the Kudankulam plant.

It also issued guidelines on commissioning, safety and security and environmental issues concerning the nuclear plant.From the childhood only, he had great passion for directing movies. He worked as an assistant director in Phool aur Kaante with Kuku Kohli starring Ajay Devgan.He never thought of becoming actor and his only focus from childhood was to direct movies.To this, Mehta said, the plant is specifically designed and has been "provided with all the advanced safety features.The spent fuel is stored near the plant, which is designed to survive earthquakes as per the specific site." When Mehta told the bench the process for an AFR facility was on, Bhushan claimed that even site for this has not been selected yet.

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