Updating dd form 93

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The analogy makes sense, but it takes a few thousand words to get there :). You do some tests which “shines light” through that real population and creates some test results.

If the light is completely accurate, the test probabilities and real probabilities match up.

Indeed, in my case absolutely nothing worked (after days of googling and many many tries), so I finally applied this method as well, the only work-around so far that finally brought me to 1709.

Note that I used AOMEI backup tool which worked perfectly and mini-partition tool wizard (to convert MBR to GPT), both with the free edition.

Everyone who tests positive is actually “positive”. Sometimes the people who have cancer don’t show up in the tests, and the other way around.

Everyone who tests negative is actually “negative”. Bayes’ Theorem lets us look at the skewed test results and correct for errors, recreating the original population and finding the real chance of a true positive result.

Thank you, normalizing constant, for setting us straight!

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When I see the number of problems caused by this FCU upgrade (besides the NVMe thing), I start wondering if the "F" stands for Failure ....

How will your family be taken care of if something happens to you? While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server.

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