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The ELSE title is very important, otherwise you will overwrite the rest of the table with NULL.You might wonder why on earth you’d want to make multiple updates in a single query.Here’s an example of logfile, with each view logged on a single line using this format: part is most important, since it’s the only file writing mode that can be used with multiple processes (remember that you have MANY viewers at the same time, and if only 2 of them try to write a file at the same time your file will be pretty much screwed – no, you don’t lose the file itself, you just lose the content, which is even more important).

To solve this issue, you can save the id of the logged in user in a session variable and instead of passing id to we can directly use the id stored in our session variable. In other words, if you use My ISAM (and many people do), use transactions for multiple updates.If you use Inno DB switch to My ISAM and them use transactions.The query i used was :=- UPDATE client SET mod = '12' where ID = '1' with exactly the shown usage of (' '), but the error shows a certain different type of usage. I thought their presence would cause the query to fail by themselves (not in My SQL, I guess). Try renaming the mod field to modnum (or something similar) and executing: "update client set dod=$dod, modnum=$mod, yod=$yod where id=$id"; Well badbart, as nav33n said, you hit the nail on the head.PS2-- I have also tried using 'text' for the defintion of the 3 columns in the table, and hav even tried int(the 3 cols are basically for date, month and year)... I just changed the name of the field and the system worked..a ton for the suggestion coz such things are exttreemely difficult to identify.... i dont understand u r problem but i know is $_post = $dd; $_post = $mm; $_post = $yy; $dob="$dd/$mm/$yy"; mysql_query("update set users where dateofbirth = '$dob' "); or update set users where username=$u,password=$p ...

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